9 de nov de 2010

Inception - 2010

Score: 9.0/10
"The outcome is reality or a dream?"

Is it action?Suspense?Drama? ALL!

My score for this movie is definitely 10!

Do you know that films which you want to kill the director at the last second of the movie? Yeah! This is what I'm talking about. This movie is extraordinary. However, it's the kind movie that if you blink, you lose your train of thought. The script is incredible, is complex and fascinating. I was confused on the first few minutes of the film and I just understood all at the end. Not because it's difficult but because you get afraid to decide whether the character is dreaming or not. Moreover, if we analyse deeply, what happens in the film, it's perfectly possible to happen in real life. Who said it's impossible to enter the in the mind of a person? This is what makes the film even more intriguing.

Leonardo Di Caprio is guy who has lucky that is very lucky to only work in damn good films and with great directors. It's that what really defines your career. To be honest, I think that he didn't need to do much in this film, the script helped him a lot. The character is already intriguing by itself!

With only one detail, the director can provide a key to interpret the film in thousands of ways. Even better, the film runs the cliclé that every film needs a perfect outcome. When we think that's a film about robbery, it becomes an incredible drama.

2 comentários:

Dani Gonçalves | 9 de novembro de 2010 11:10

Daah, esse filme é realmente incrivel, um dos melhores que eu vi esse ano!

Saudade master de vc! um beijo

Edu | 9 de novembro de 2010 15:18

Muito bom, namo!!!!
Melhor ainda pq assisti com vc!!!