5 de nov de 2010

Scott Pilgrim (2010)

      Score: 8.1/10

I think this movie one of the craziest’s movies that I already watched! I don’t know exactly what I think about this movie and neither if I can give a concrete critique about him. I believe that the director, Edgar Wright, took a lot of LSD or another drug, a least is exactly this as I think about.
The movie isn’t bad, the script is funny and cool! The end I was hoping for another (I was cheering for another character, but that is personal opinion, lol.). More than one time, in my personal opinion, I don’t think as 8.1 is the score that really describe the movie. How I said, it’s not a bad movie but maybe don’t is a GREAT movie, like the score suggest. I disagree that maybe can be the best movie about HQ’s, come on!
I made confusion in your head, right? Well, watch! Really, worth create more opinions about this movie, e maybe, try watch more than one time, how knows that stay clearly your vision about the movie.

The only thing as I didn’t like was the pace of narration. At the begging you can understand pretty well the history because everything is good explicated, but from the middle front, the history begins to run and you don’t know where these another means ex-boyfriends come up or how they did part of the life of the character Ramona Flowers. Result? The history stays tiring and you feel like to jump to the end. Sucks.

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